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Economic and Industry Reports

Practical business information on macroeconomic events, industries and issues affecting Banking and Finance Industry. Each report contains a broad overview followed by a detailed analysis of underlying issues, and forecasts to help you prepare for future trends.

White Papers

Authoritative report that provide information concisely about complex issues associated with Banking and Finance Sector and presents the issuing body's philosophy on the matter.

IJRBF Journal

IJRBF aims to record and promote excellence in local and international research in the areas of banking, finance, Islamic banking, insurance, management and related disciplines. The IJRBF is a scholarly, international and peer-reviewed academic journal published at least once a year.

Opinions and Industry Views

Articles written by industry experts and leaders on topics of interest to the banking and insurance sector

Ask our Experts

You have a question regarding any area of banking, shoot it to us and we will get it answered. All you have to do is post the question in our “Ask our experts” section or send us an email at or We will post an answer within 10 working days.

Primary Research and Surveys

Surveys to understand the views of the industry on topics of interest to the banking and insurance sector

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What are the critical issues for the banking sector? What’s the latest with regards to banking regulations?

These are some questions that these white papers are trying to answer. Through these white papers we are trying to give you a peak into what some of the industry’s top experts are thinking about the developments in banking industry.