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About Reseach@EIBFS

The Research and Studies Department (RSD) was formed in the year 2002 under the Emirates Institute of Banking and Financial Studies (EIBFS) to undertake and distribute research and studies and also provide information and statistics, to the UAE banks and financial institutions.

The EIBFS Research Strategy aims to:

  • Foster scientific research pertaining to Banking and Finance using best practice research methods
  • Prepare publications about emerging trends and challenges to the banking and finance sector
  • Prepare and publish reports on the industries relevant to the banking sector
  • Conduct events including conferences, workshops relevant to the banking sector
  • Support the learning department in the learning needs analysis by conducting market research and surveys.
  • Encourage staff to participate in conferences both regional and international

What are the critical issues for the banking sector? What’s the latest with regards to banking regulations?

These are some questions that these white papers are trying to answer. Through these white papers we are trying to give you a peak into what some of the industry’s top experts are thinking about the developments in banking industry.